Administration, Finance & Property


Communications Committee

Members of this ministry group strive to get timely, accurate information available in a number of ways, so visitors or newcomers to our area have ready access to information about Holy Trinity. Today, a website is the first place more and more people turn to for basic information. The local newspaper publishes notices about services and church events we provide. We contribute to the Sunday bulletin and to the Narthex News newsletter. The continuing goal is to spread the word so that visitors and members , alike, can know what is happening at Holy Trinity.

Finance Committee

This committee provides general oversight and care of all monies, investments and securities for Holy Trinity. Financial recommendations are made to the Vestry consistent with the highest fiduciary standards and in consideration of the Church’s immediate and long-term goals. Monthly pledging barometer and quarterly financial updates are published periodically for the congregation. They are also responsible for preparing the annual budget for vestry approval.

Gardening Committee

Also known as the “Keepers of the Grounds,” this group of volunteers maintains and updates the gardens to provide a welcoming atmosphere with the hope of attracting the attention of newcomers and visitors. Individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for certain plots that they can maintain as they are able.

Human Resources Committee

This committee provides to the Rector and the Vestry the necessary resources and support as needed on personnel and employment situations.

Office Systems

This group provides support to all Holy Trinity staff and church school for routine office systems and the internet. Support is extended for equipment and services including email, bulletins, newsletters, membership records, financial reporting/tracking, general office computing, printing, copying, equipment leasing,  security systems, purchasing and maintenance records, and administration.