Administration, Finance & Property


Property Committee

Supporting Holy Trinity’s mission, this group maintains buildings, grounds, and associated systems on an on-going basis by initiating and completing projects which will improve the safety, functionality and beauty of our facility. Managing the relationship with our tenant at 10 Barnard Street also falls into this category.


Vestry members accept a call to lead the congregation to a closer relationship with God through Jesus Christ by delivering on a shared vision. Vestry members participate actively in group meetings and endeavors. The vestry is led by the Rector and the Senior Warden, who is appointed by the Rector. All members have liaison responsibilities where they are charged to be in regular communication with particular ministries of the Church . As part of this relationship, each member of the vestry works with their ministry group to ensure that they have the resources needed to carry out their mission in alignment with Holy Trinity’s overall mission, objectives and programs.