Christian Formation & Stewardship

Human Relations Task Force

The Human Relations Task Force exists to address issues that interfere with and diminish the relationships that we have with each other. The mission of the Task Force is to promote the personal dignity of all people and to eliminate any barriers that prevent each person from reaching their full potential and each person from being able to experience the closest of human relationships. Barriers include racial and cultural discrimination, bias and intolerance.

Journey to Adulthood

This program is designed for young people in grades 6 through 12 to affirm, celebrate and speak to the developmental tasks of adolescence, especially in areas of self, spirituality, sexuality and society. The theological underpinnings of the journey from childhood to adulthood that are emphasized in Journey to Adulthood are (1) the goodness of the gift of creation and our partnership with God; (2) the development of the whole person; (3) the liturgical celebration of rites of passage; and (4) the task of the community in this important ministry.

Men’s Breakfast

Men’s Breakfast provides fellowship, Bible study and outreach opportunities for the men in the parish.

Second Thursday Study Group

This group explores topics centered on Biblical life-lessons as pathways to individual spiritual growth. Members of the Holy Trinity clergy or an occasional guest speaker serve as guides and moderators.

Stewardship Committee

The purpose of this committee is to develop a network of church leaders who encourage generosity through year-round stewardship . In turn, this inspires giving of one's time, talent and treasure to accomplish God's work in the world. We strive to nurture and form each individual; as a good streward through the sharing of our stories and witnessing power of Jesus in our lives.