March 3rd -11:45am Discussion on Housing Issues

The Anti-Racism and Reconciliation Ministry of Holy Trinity presents a Discussion on Housing Issues led by Carolyn Johnson, ESQ., Executive Director of Community Impact Legal Services, Inc, Member of the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania. The discussion will take place in the Parish Hall.

March 17th - Green Eggs & Ham - Benefit Breakfast

The Friars and Abbeys organization from West Chester University will be hosting a benefit breakfast from 8-2pm. Suggested donation $5-10.

Tuesdays- 9:30am - Centering Prayer Group

What if there was a quiet place where you could unwind and rest in the presence of God? A space where you could let God love you? Holy Trinity invites you to come and experience the gift of Centering Prayer. Centering Prayer will take place on Tuesday mornings, at 9:30 am. in the room next to the elevators near the Act in Faith Office.  Please consider joining us . Questions, please contact

CAFE (Christian Adult Formation & Education) 9:30am St Andrews Room

Whether you’re an 8 am early riser, 10:30 regular or parent of a child in Family Formation, let CAFÉ be a 50 minute gift to yourself each week! With a wide variety of topics Fr. Paul will be leading the program this year. CAFÉ promises to inspire great discussion and spiritual exploration. So please, join us for a cup of tea/coffee, fellowship and Formation! 

Environmental Stewardship Ministry

We as God’s people are not the owners of this planet but merely the stewards for future generations. The threats of pollution , and resource waste will undoubtedly have significant and possible irreversible effects on the many generations still to come. We must act today to assure the healthy future of all of God’s creations.This ministry seeks to find solutions to reducing the carbon footprint by encouraging each individual to reduce, recycle and re-use our resources and to remember that God asks us to become stewards of the universe to preserve it for the future. If you are interested in participating, please contact Father Paul at

The Women of Holy Trinity Epiphany Project

The Women of Holy Trinity Epiphany Project is to raise money for the Maternal and Child Health Consortium of Chester County. MCHC is located in our neighborhood and supports our neighbors in Chester County. Now through March 3 .Your gift of any size will be appreciated. Please make checks payable to Church of the Holy Trinity and make a note that it is in support for the WOHT Epiphany project.

Temporary Office Hours

The office hours are Tuesday 12-3pm, Wed & Thurs & Friday 10am-3pm. No office hours on Monday.