Serving the Community

Trinity Restaurant Training

Our goal is to serve God and our community by providing job training to those who are unemployed or under employed.  Trinity Restaurant Training is a professional eight-week culinary training course. The curriculum includes everything from knife skills, stocks, sauces , soups and all cooking methods. All trainees and graduates are offered the opportunity to work at Triniy Catering and parish events. After graduation, the goal is to place the graduate in a full-time position in the food industry.

Catacomb Closet

The purpose of the Catacomb Closet is to collect, price, and sell donated clothing and household items to benefit Holy Trinity ministries and charities while distributing items to the needy who turn to Holy Trinity for assistance. The Catacomb Closet is open Fridays from 10am - 3:30pm.  Catacomb Closet is closed on Good Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and the Friday between Christmas and New Years. Catacomb Closet is closed during the summer months of July and August.

Friday Night Suppers

Every Friday our Parish Hall doors open wide to provide hospitality through a nutritious meal to those whom God sends to us; always with a welcoming smile, and a non-judgmental atmosphere. This ministry provides volunteers with an opportunity to honor Christ's call to serve the neediest in our community in God's name.